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We've simplified the meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking process with an easy-to-use Nutrition Center.

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Choose & Customize Your Guided Meal Plan for the Week

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Use Your Auto-Generated Shopping List at the Store

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Save Money by Making Delicious, Healthy Meals at Home!

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"By being proactive and allowing us to plan your meals ahead of time, you're able to avoid the stress of what to make every night for dinner, save money on impulse buys at the store, and become healthier overall. Our approach not only plans your meals for you with delicious recipes and shopping list, but also integrates a fitness center and community challenges to keep you engaged and encouraged."

- Charlie Dayment, Owner


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Stay energized and connected with our smart Fitness Center, packed with features.

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Nutrition Center

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Fitness Center

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What Our Members Are Saying!

Carol H.
I have used a lot of “healthy eating” strategies over my lifetime and this one is very manageable because it builds in the planning, which is why I normally get off track…failing to plan ahead and grabbing unhealthy foods. My favorite part of the program is how easy it is to switch up the meals on the fly. I also love that I can adjust my recipes so easily for the number of servings, so I can plan ahead for the nights when I will cook for just myself vs. the nights that my husband is home.
Carol H.So helpful at home!
Morgan S.
I love always having new recipes to try and a variety of flavors. The grocery list is already created for me, which makes shopping so simple! And, I love tracking what I eat.
Morgan S.Easy & FUN Meals
Kyle R.
This is a great way to keep track of everything I’m eating, and it works great with my fitbit. Plus, I don’t eat dairy so my meal plan is customized to work for me!
Kyle R.Customizable to fit my lifestyle

It's like having your own personal meal planning assistant

Meal Plan Map is a powerful yet easy-to-use meal & fitness planning tool that does all the work for you.
Try FREE for 1 Week!
Then just $9.95/mo with no contracts

Road Map to Health

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