Are You a Food Addict?

Earlier this year, I interviewed best-selling author Victoria Moran for a Meal Plan Map blog titled Why Being a Vegan is Good for the Spirit.


Victoria and I go way back. Years ago while spotlighting her red-hot bestseller The Love-Powered Diet, I shared the powerful passages “Things Foods Addicts Think” and “Things Food Addicts Do.”


Check these out and see if any sound like you. I know I can lay claim to a number of these items.


No need to stress if you can relate. Awareness allows you to take the steps you need to get happier and healthier!


Things Food Addicts May Do


  • Hide food
  • Sneak food
  • Go on diets … usually on Mondays
  • Make promises, vows and deals with themselves, others and God about eating less and losing weight
  • Lie to themselves, others and God
  • Avoid scales or weigh themselves compulsively
  • Dissociate from their bodies and live from the neck up
  • Put off living – shopping, swimming, vacationing, making love – until weight is lost
  • Detest physical exercise or become addicted to exercise (but may still detest it)
  • Feel unattractive or conditionally attractive based on a scale number or clothing size
  • Hate fat people (or hate thin people)
  • Have special binge foods as drugs of choice (chocolate, sweets, salty snacks, cheese and rich, creamy foods are favorites) but could binge on almost anything in a pinch
  • Vomit after a binge or even after a moderate meal or snack (bulimia)
  • Eat other people’s leftovers, unthawed frozen foods, or nonfoods (e.g., the paper from around a muffin, used tea bags, chewing gum)
  • Diet successfully for a time, then gain back as much or more weight than was lost (the ability to diet eventually ceases altogether)
  • Find it easier to fast than to eat moderately
  • Push food on other people, especially when depriving themselves
  • Cook and bake – though in later stages of the disease, these may fall aside in favor of ready-made, instant-gratification items
  • Be defensive, feel put upon, take up the cause of “fat lib”
  • Deal inappropriately with anger, either denying it or having attacks of rage, usually toward someone powerless, such as a child or companion animal
  • Switch compulsions, such as giving up food for a time and becoming addicted to drugs, sex, working or spending


Things Food Addicts May Think


  • This time will be different
  • I ate too much (or gained weight) so I’m a bad person
  • No one else eats like I do
  • If you really knew me, you wouldn’t like me
  • I’m fat and disgusting
  • I broke my diet so I’m a failure
  • Since I ate that cookie, it means I’ve blown it and have to eat a quart of ice cream
  • I’ve lost weight now so life is supposed to be perfect
  • I’ve lost weight now so I’m cured
  • I’ll just have a little bit
  • I’ll get back on my diet tomorrow
  • Eating will make me feel better
  • I have to eat something to get through this tragedy/term paper/telephone call
  • When I lose weight, I’ll be beautiful
  • When I lose weight, my husband/wife/lover will love me (or, I’ll find a husband/wife/lover who’ll love me)
  • When I lose weight, my mother/father/other significant person from my past will love and accept me)
  • When I lose weight, I’ll do everything I ever wanted to do
  • I feel fat (in response to being full, depressed, premenstrual, or constipated, or as a response to rejection, disappointment, or presumed failure)
  • I deserve a treat (euphemism for extra food), or I deserve to be punished (food can do that, too)
  • Eventually I’ll just have the surgery and lose weight that way


Sound familiar? If so, you may be a food addict. And Victoria says if that’s the case, no trendy or fad diet is going to help you slim down and stay slim.


She says what you do need is to come to grips with the fact you are powerless over food and need inner strength and guidance to help you overcome the issue.


You can start by checking out The Love-Powered Diet and Meal Plan Map.



John McGran has been writing about health and weight loss for several national companies since 2000. He brings his knowledge of diets — and his passion for dropping pounds — to Meal Plan Map because he believes it is the future of smart, stress-free eating and improved health.


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