Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Your mind is magnificently powerful. Two people can experience the same situation while having completely different feelings, interpretations and outcomes. The meaning we attach to our thoughts is what determines our reality.


So, you can change your life by changing negative beliefs into positive ones.


The brain is looking for exactly what you are telling yourself. When you transform your thoughts, your beliefs will begin to change. When your beliefs are empowering, you experience more joy and success in life. Give it a try.


How many of the following common negative thought patterns are you suffering from? Good news: When you change them, you change your life for the better. I have selected one from the following areas and replaced it with a new positive outlook.




The negative belief is “I’ll only gain the weight back again.”


This thought pattern will sabotage you and cause a lifetime of procrastination.


Replace it with a positive belief such as “I am focused on my long-term health. I will no longer follow short term diets. I am making a lifestyle change.”




The negative belief is “I will be happier once I get _____________.” Fill in the blank – I am sure you have several variations on this. A few possibilities: Thinner, wealthier, healthier…


This one robs you of the ability to feel happy throughout your whole life. Sadly, once you have obtained what you think will make you happier you will immediately raise the bar and reach for another goal.


Replace it with “I will bring happiness to every experience in my life. I am enjoying the process.”




The negative belief is “I am too old” or “I am too young.”


This is the biggest lie out there! Stop limiting yourself with this self-defeating thought pattern.


Replace it with “Age is a state of mind. I have so much to offer! Someone is looking for what I have to offer and I am excited to provide it for them.”




The negative belief is “All of the good ones are taken.”


This belief will tell your brain to ignore people who would be a good match for you. They can be sitting right in front of you and you would not even notice. It will also make you miserable by showing all of the “good ones” who are in a committed relationship.


Replace it with “There are so many awesome people that would love to spend time with me. I am attracting them into my life at this moment.”




The negative belief is “I don’t have what it takes.”


You may not know you think this, but many of us do. I have heard it countless times in many types of comments. It is a core belief that plagues too many of us.


Replace it with “I am good enough exactly as I am!” or “I have exactly what it takes to be successful!”


Give it a try. Swap out your negative thought patterns with the positive ones for 30 days. I want you to give 100 percent to this! Let me know what you discover about yourself.



Coach Rosa has been teaching people how to train their brain to create a healthier, happier mind and body for more than 20 years. She has an extensive background in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming — the science that deals with the fundamental dynamics between mind and language and how their interplay affects body and behavior. Learn more about Coach Rosa at


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