Embrace a Better Body Image At Any Weight

Swimsuit season in right around the corner and with it comes so many mixed emotions.


There’s excitement for the fun in the sun activities. There’s anticipation for long-awaited gatherings, celebrations and vacations.


Sadly, there is also a sense of dread because so many of us are uncomfortable with the thought of exposing so much of our body. Are you one of the many who doesn’t feel good about living in your own skin?


We live in a society that has warped what is beautiful. The media has given us a false sense of what women (and men) are supposed to look like. It has clouded our ability to love and appreciate who we are. This is not healthy for our minds and bodies. I encourage you to stop comparing yourself to those images and redefine how you view beauty.


I have walked this journey, my friend. I know what it is like to look in the mirror and hate what you see. It is not pleasant. It is self-defeating and causes more negative thoughts.


The answer is to look in the mirror and express gratitude for who you see looking back at you.


When I accepted the fact that this could be my body for the rest of my life I made peace with it and decided to be grateful for what I had – a healthy body that took good care of me. I began to express love to my body and with that came a sincere desire to be the healthiest version of me I could be.


It took a while but I lost 30 pounds and kept off the weight. The key was that I refused to punish myself throughout this journey. I decided not to wait to lose weight to love and accept myself. I would start NOW.


I began to teach this concept to my clients and they began to adopt the same principles … and it worked. They felt more love and acceptance for themselves while they lost weight. I invite you to extend a little love to yourself. Enjoy this summer in the body you are in, while losing weight.


Here are some simple techniques that will help:


Make a decision that if living in this body is the worst thing that will happen to you, so be it. Decide that you are going to make the best of living in the one and only body you have been given.


Count your blessings. Not everyone has what you have. People are born with debilitating physical or mental limitations that are beyond their control. Many would switch places with you in a moment.


Choose health as a way of life. Repeat to yourself that your health is one of your highest priorities. Affirm in your mind that you are becoming healthier each and every day.


Look in the mirror and tell your body that you love it. Find reasons to support this. Tell your legs that you love them for being strong, your face for having such a beautiful smile, and so on. I have scars from surgery and I have learned to love them because they are a sign that I get to live a normal life because of the procedure.


Stop looking at media images as real people. The images used in ads are air-brushed and cosmetically enhanced. I find that by making jokes to myself I can defuse self-defeating thoughts. One of my favorites: “The only thing standing between me and that body is about $80,000.” This rarely fails to make me laugh.


Envision yourself in a healthy body – and let yourself feel the joy of it. Fully experience feeling confident. Bring that feeling to this very moment. This technique is powerful and will help you feel so much happier. It will also ignite your brain to find ways to make it a reality.


Speaking of reality … BE REALISTIC. Dress in ways that flatter your body. Not everyone looks their best in trendy styles. Give yourself permission to dress in clothing that makes you feel beautiful and accentuates your unique features.


You are beautiful! Affirm to yourself each and every day this truth. Speak to yourself with love and kindness and watch how your reaction to that person in the mirror changes.


See you at the beach!



Coach Rosa has been teaching people how to train their brain to create a healthier, happier mind and body for more than 20 years. She has an extensive background in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming — the science that deals with the fundamental dynamics between mind and language and how their interplay affects body and behavior. Learn more about Coach Rosa at MindOverPlatter.com.


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