Fear Takes a Holiday

Before I started slimming down and living healthier through Meal Plan Map, I hated holidays because they forced me to work harder to meet my editorial deadlines.


Now I fear time away from work because it forces me to survive days of unstructured eating!


I know as I change my behaviors of eating, exercising and coping I will be more confident in my ability to have fun without acting like the proverbial kid in a candy shop when faced with back yard barbecues and foods by the tableful!


For the first time in I don’t know how long, I have made it through a holiday – Independence Day – without feeling like I blew my diet.


If you slipped or nosedived, let go of the guilt with my 3 tips for surviving holiday binge blues.


  1. Know that no one is perfect. Sure, that extra slice of pie and that third burger ruined your diet … but only FOR THE DAY. Who says you can’t pick yourself up and start fresh?
  2. Talk about it and take action! There’s no better way to release your guilt than to open up and admit you strayed. Facebook or phone a friend. You are not a loser. Just by being here you are a WINNER. You are someone who is taking the steps to improve their life and their health.
  3. Know it takes 3,500 calories to gain a pound. If you added up all your goodies – including the drinks – you will see that you possibly gained a single pound over the holidays. The rest is bloat from those salty snacks. It will go away by drinking your water. Your body naturally burns somewhere around 2,000 calories a day to keep functioning properly. So, you’d have had to gobble 5,500 calories to gain a pound in a binge day. And I bet you might have burned a few hundred calories playing picnic games with your friends and family.


Feel better? I hope so.


We’re in this for the long haul, not just the holidays or summer season. There will be slips along the way, but your goal should be a healthier lifestyle that you follow 95% of the time.


We spent a lifetime developing the bad habits that led us to being overweight. We won’t break them overnight, nor will we lose all our weight in a single day or week.


The next 3-day holiday is Labor Day – and that’s not until September – so relax and enjoy your summer!



John McGran has been writing about health and weight loss for several national companies since 2000. He brings his knowledge of diets — and his passion for dropping pounds — to Meal Plan Map because he believes it is the future of smart, stress-free eating and improved health.


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Gotta try his! I’m also struggling to a healthier lifestyle here. I’ve even start running with SportMe marathon training app and I’m on the right track. Nutrition is another important part of my losing weight plan, and your blog posts help me stay motivated.

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