Foods That’ll Fix What Ails You

Love to eat? Long to feel better?


Up until now, you probably thought your love of food made it tough to feel better. After all, it was your love of food that led to your extra pounds and a smorgasbord of ailments linked to a poor diet, right?


However, if you choose the right foods, you can eat your way to better health – at least that’s what the food experts have told me over the years.


Here are 23 everyday foods and the health conditions they can abate. If you can find – and afford – the organically grown varieties of each, you’ll feel even better!


  1. Apples

Protects your heart, prevents constipation, blocks diarrhea, improves lung capacity, cushions joints


  1. Apricots

Combats cancer, controls blood pressure, saves your eyesight, shields against Alzheimer’s, slows aging process


  1. Artichokes

Aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, protects your heart, stabilizes blood sugar, guards against liver disease


  1. Avocados

Battles diabetes, lowers cholesterol, helps stops strokes, controls blood pressure, de-wrinkles skin


  1. Bananas

Protects your heart, quiets a cough, strengthens bones, controls blood pressure, blocks diarrhea


  1. Beans

Prevents constipation, helps hemorrhoids, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, stabilizes blood sugar


  1. Beets

Controls blood pressure, combats cancer, strengthens bones, protects your heart, aids weight loss


  1. Blueberries

Combats cancer, protects your heart, stabilizes blood sugar, boosts memory, prevents constipation


  1. Broccoli

Strengthens bones, saves eyesight, combats cancer, protects your heart, controls blood pressure


  1. Cabbage

Combats cancer, prevents constipation, promotes weight loss, protects your heart, helps hemorrhoids


  1. Cantaloupe

Saves eyesight, controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, supports immune system


  1. Carrots

Saves eyesight, protects your heart, prevents constipation, combats cancer, promotes weight loss


  1. Cauliflower

Protects against prostate cancer, combats breast cancer, strengthens bones, banishes bruises, guards against heart disease


  1. Cherries

Protects your heart, combats cancer, ends insomnia, slows aging process, shields against Alzheimer’s


  1. Chestnuts

Promotes weight loss, protects your heart, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, controls blood pressure


  1. Chili peppers

Aids digestion, soothes sore throat, clears sinuses, combats cancer, boosts immune system


  1. Figs

Promotes weight loss, helps stops strokes, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, controls blood pressure


  1. Fish

Protects your heart, boosts memory, combats cancer, supports immune system, protects eyesight


  1. Flax

Aids digestion, battles diabetes, protects your heart, improves mental health, boosts immune system


  1. Garlic

Lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure, combats cancer, kills bacteria, fights fungus


  1. Grapefruit

Protects against heart attacks, promotes weight loss, helps stops strokes, combats prostate cancer, lowers cholesterol


  1. Grapes

Saves eyesight, conquers kidney stones, combats cancer, enhances blood flow, protects your heart


  1. Green tea

Combats cancer, protects your heart, helps stops strokes, promotes weight loss, kills bacteria



John McGran has been writing about health and weight loss for several national companies since 2000. He brings his knowledge of diets — and his passion for dropping pounds — to Meal Plan Map because he believes it is the future of smart, stress-free eating and improved health.


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