Slow and steady wins the weight loss race

When it comes to weight loss, you, my friend, are in control.

Yes, nothing succeeds like success. Research tells us this is true. Once you see noticeable success early on, you’re more likely to continue with your effort to get to your weight goal. Studies prove that early weight loss is predictive of sticking to a weight loss plan over time.

By signing on with Meal Plan Map, you have the infrastructure and basic tools to get to your goals. We offer a program that makes it easy to plan meals and eat healthier – and to monitor your fitness, as well.

No more excuses – it’s time to jump start the new you. In less than three months, you could be down 30 pounds or more.

Two pounds a week is the magic number. You won’t find crazy fast weight loss here – and that’s a good thing. Losing too many pounds too quickly means you’re much more likely to regain what you lost.

The goal should be a mere 2 pounds weekly. Sounds slow? Well, you didn’t pack on the extra pounds overnight. Your motto needs to be “one day at a time, one pound at a time” until you attain your desired healthy weight. To get your metabolism revving to burn extra calories be sure to work in a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity. Don’t have time to for 30 minutes? Make it three 10-minute segments.

If you’re ready to start working toward success, go to your meal-planning program now (or sign up for one) and get ready to eat better and feel better. Then, get ready to shop for smaller clothing!



John McGran has been writing about health and weight loss for several national companies since 2000. He brings his knowledge of diets — and his passion for dropping pounds — to Meal Plan Map because he believes it is the future of smart, stress-free eating and improved health.


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