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EDITOR’S NOTE: Please join us in welcoming Coach Rosa, our newest expert blogger. Coach Rosa, creator of the innovative Mind Over Platter virtual wellness and weight loss coaching program, has helped thousands of clients harness their brain power to lose weight, stop smoking, manage stress and live a life based on their core values.



I am a firm believer that your brain is the most powerful weight loss tool. My blogs for Meal Plan Map will help you retrain your brain so you can attain all your goals and enjoy a happier, healthier life.


People operate under the false belief that habits are fixed and difficult to change. That cannot be further from the truth. Habits are automated behaviors that are rooted in the subconscious mind. They are conditioned responses – nothing more, nothing less.


The consequences of your habits are another story. The reality of habitual behavior can range from empowerment to self-destruction. If you want to make a lifelong change, you will need to change your daily habits.


You can change your life in the most positive ways by simply changing a few daily habits.  What is important to realize is that most habits won’t enrich or harm you if the actions are done once. It’s the routine of repeating a habit that causes a lasting effect.


This is the result of two factors: there is an immediate gratification and it is done enough times to cross into the subconscious mind.  For example, if you ate an ice cream sundae with all of the toppings one night before bed the feedback might be pleasure, a sugar high and maybe even good sleep. Doing this once will not dramatically alter your life. But do it every single night for weeks and you could end up with an extra 10 pounds of body fat and a bad habit. Continue for months and you can become prediabetic with a dangerous habit.


All habits result in good or negative outcomes when consistently conducted.


The scoop on how habits are formed

  • An action is taken. (You eat ice cream at bedtime.)
  • You receive feedback. (The ice cream tastes good and provides comfort.)
  • You consistently repeat the action. (You continue to eat ice cream at night.)
  • You consistently receive feedback. (The ice cream is comforting.)
  • This pattern crosses the conscious/subconscious critical filter until it is rooted in the subconscious mind.
  • A habit is born. (You eat ice cream every night and don’t even think about it.)


Changing a habit is a bit more effort than forming one. You will want explore how it is rewarding you and what you can replace it with.


How to change a habit

  • Define the habit that you want to change. (Eating ice cream at night.)
  • Ask yourself “what is the purpose of this habit?” (It comforts you and helps you sleep.)
  • Decide what you want instead – and be specific. (I no longer want to eat ice cream at night.)
  • Identify why you want to change this habit. (Weight loss, better health, etc.)
  • Break the pattern by deciding what you can do instead of eating ice cream for comfort and better sleep. (Drink herbal tea?)
  • Replace the negative habit with the desired outcome. (Replace ice cream with herbal tea at night.)
  • Condition this consistently for at least 21 days.
  • Reinforce it daily until you effortlessly experience your desired outcome.


Repetition and conditioning are the keys to forming and changing habits. You get to choose your habits, so why not choose healthy ones?



Coach Rosa has been teaching people how to train their brain to create a healthier, happier mind and body for more than 20 years. She has an extensive background in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming — the science that deals with the fundamental dynamics between mind and language and how their interplay affects body and behavior. Learn more about Coach Rosa at MindOverPlatter.com.


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