Why Meal Plan Map is the Hottest Way to Get Healthy

Charlie DaymentSince its birth a little more than a year ago, Meal Plan Map has become the go-to place for  busy people looking to eat better, slim down and fuel up for overall better health. You could say we’ve got the recipe for all your health and wellness needs.


But folks, the best is yet to come.


In this Meal Plan Map exclusive interview, owner and founder Charlie Dayment reveals a few exciting insights on what’s ahead for our followers – and what it is that sets this program apart from other websites that promise to help you drop weight and lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and inflammation.


Take it away, Charlie.




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So, what sets Meal Plan Map apart from other weight loss or wellness sites?

Quite a lot! I found that while several other meal planning services have a solid recipe planner, they didn’t also tackle the fitness component adequately, if at all. When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand. We take a heavy nutrition and fitness approach by merging the two components together, giving our members a more fully-integrated service.


Okay, so tell me about the evolution of Meal Plan Map – specifically, what inspired you to create such a website?

With my past experience managing another online meal planning service, I continually saw a need for healthy, guided meal planning and healthier lifestyles. Diet and exercise will always be a yo-yo situation, but getting people to think differently about what they eat and how they treat their bodies will go such a long way in so many areas.


I’ve struggled with an autoimmune disorder from a very young age, which has caused several inflammation-related issues. I later learned more about what an autoimmune disorder looks like, how it can affect those with the condition, and ways to better manage the inflammation … which is often caused by a leaky gut syndrome based on your diet. After making the connection to the types of foods I was eating, I started to see and feel changes for the better. This knowledge is what motivates me to share this guidance with others who may have similar stories, or those who simply need help with meal prep and eating healthier… for whatever reason they may have.


How does Meal Plan Map differ from meal or food delivery programs — and why do you think this approach is better?

My wife and I would get overwhelmed trying to come up with new recipe ideas each week, and then had to create our own shopping list and calculate the right amount of ingredients from the store. When you add to this equation the need for a specific type of diet or cooking for an entire family, the challenge becomes even more daunting. We tried popular food delivery programs in hopes that it would relieve our anxiety. We received a box of fresh ingredients and recipe print-outs. And while they’re certainly convenient, we soon realized how expensive this convenience would cost us.


There was no way we could afford breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivery for both of us all week, so we would still have to grocery shop for additional meals. It seemed a little counterintuitive for us. Since we were at the store anyway, why not buy and make all of our meals at home, make leftovers, and save money while doing it?


This is the luxury that an online meal planning service offers. We take the guesswork out of planning meals for the week. When you first sign up, you’ll enter your personal info and goals, food exclusions, and will immediately see your calendar populated with healthy, delicious recipes. You can then swap those out to your liking and customize it just for you. You’ll then have a convenient grocery list so you know exactly what to get. My wife and I typically save over $200 a month by planning out our meals and making leftovers for lunches.


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Please list a few of the exciting developments recently made, underway or planned for the near future.

We’ve made several changes to the site within the past few months – many of which came from customer feedback. Our menu navigation is now simplified, and we’ve added text and email notifications for weigh-ins and food logging. We’ve also recently added an Anti-Inflammatory Plan, which I’m personally very excited about, obviously!


We’ve also added new workout videos and just started filming recipe videos, which will eventually live on the actual recipe pages so you can get a full visual experience of the meal.


I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to apps and computer programs so just how easy is it to choose an eating plan, create recipe lists and master the Meal Plan Map program?

Our sign-up process is simple, both on a computer or your phone. We want to get all the right info up front that will help us determine which recipes to show you. After entering your name, weight, goal weight, height, exercise level, etc., you’ll then select any food exclusions you may have. After that, you’re all set. You’ll be taken to your main dashboard, which will show you a snapshot of all the features. From there, the main My Planner menu will help you navigate the platform. You’ll notice that the main components are categorized into our Nutrition Center and Fitness Center to keep things more simplified.

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I’ve heard Meal Plan Map is much more than a weight loss website. How so?

Weight loss is really just one portion of our service, but is typically the main benefit from eating healthier. We also cater to those with specific medical conditions or food intolerances. Whether you’re currently struggling with diabetes, hypertension, heart issues, inflammation, or you need to exclude things like gluten, dairy or shellfish, you’ll find the right customization to fit your needs. And don’t forget the ultimate benefit. Planning, cooking and tracking meals will be ONE LESS THING you’ll have to worry about in your busy schedule!


Why do you think so many of us need help with eating healthy? 

Well, for me personally, it was the awareness of WHAT I was eating and HOW it was affecting my daily life that made all the difference. I had become too busy and too distracted to worry about any of that. After many years, I finally realized how important eating healthy was. But there was one problem: I had NO IDEA where to start! I think many of us can relate to the constant business of our lives, and could use a little help and more variety in the kitchen. No one wants the same 4-5 meals every week, or at least I know I don’t!


Through the use of customized meal plans with delicious recipes, shopping list, dining out guide, weight and fitness trackers, community challenges and more, our powerful platform takes the guesswork out of making a healthier lifestyle change.



John McGran has been writing about health and weight loss for several national companies since 2000. He brings his knowledge of diets — and his passion for dropping pounds — to Meal Plan Map because he believes it is the future of smart, stress-free eating and improved health.


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